Fitness Classes

at Citywest Leisure Club

Citywest Leisure Club offers a host of great classes to help you achieve your fitness goals:

Body Blast: A high energy workout combining high/low aerobic moves and body toning with hand weights. This will tone muscle & burn excess fat.

Step & Tone: This class is not for the faint hearted! An intense class combining athletic moves with choreographed moves on a Reebok step. It's followed by a muscle toning workout using hand weights.

Spin Fit: This workout focuses on strength, endurance and at the same time burn those calories whilst on a stationary bike. A very different approach to improving cardiovascular fitness.

Aqua Fit: A low impact workout in water using gloves, woggles and discs for extra resistance. This class is designed for people of all ages, fitness levels & also those with minor injuries.

Hips, Thighs & Abs: A total lower body sculpt class, combining a low impact aerobic workout that hits the Hips, Thighs & Abs!

6 Pack Abs: A class that aims to target your core, upper, middle & lower abdominal muscles.

Cross Fit: A new class designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, on cross trainer machines.

Kettlebell: Learn to train the Hollywood way! This is a resistance training class using kettlebells to burn off those unwanted calories. This is a favourite type of exercise among the Hollywood stars!

Run Fit: A class to improve your running technique whilst clocking up the miles. Outdoor weather permitting.

Push & Pump: This class uses brand new equipment such as bar bells and legweights and is great for burning body fat and losing inches! Body Tone is suitable for all levels and fantastic for improving your fitness level and body toning. This is a high tempo 30 minute class. Starting with easy to follow aerobic moves, and then moving into the toning phase of the class.

To find out more about our classes at Citywest Leisure Club or to book a class at Citywest Leisure Club, call us on 01-4010700 or email 


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