at Citywest Leisure Club

There are as many opinions about yoga as there are styles of yoga itself. For some it’s merely a form of physical exercise, which tunes the body. For others it’s an important form of relaxation. For others still, it’s a spiritual discipline. The reality is, it’s probably a bit of all three and the one thing everyone who practices it will agree, it’s very calming and very effective.

Yoga classes at Citywest Leisure Club are held by highly qualified, experienced teachers who can advise you on various exercises you can use to address particular issues, such as stress or muscle toning. At the centre of Yoga is the idea of concentration, of taking your mind away from the distractions of the outside world and focusing on your own inner energies.

To find out more about Yoga or book a Yoga class at Citywest Leisure Club, call us on 01-4010700 or email 

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