Corporate Social Responsibility at Citywest Hotel

The team here at Citywest Hotel are committed to helping the community and the environment and supporting worthy causes. This committment can be seen through the dedicated green teams monthly meetings, where heads of departments come together to brainstorm and drive new ideas into how we can be more environmentally friendly. The following are just some of the ways Citywest Hotel is fueling it's eco-friendly policy:

Enable Ireland

Citywest Hotel has recently partnered with Enable Ireland.

Enable Ireland provide services to over 5,500 children and adults with disabilities. These disabilities can be sensory, physical or intellectual. Enable Ireland work in partnership with those who use their services to achieve maximum independence, choice and inclusion in their communities.
An additional €2 million in funding is required annually and this is provided from Enable Ireland’s retail shops and fundraising.

You can find out more about supporting children and adults with disabilities through Enable Ireland at

The Citywest Team will be providing their support on the 01st of December 2017. With 470 members of staff, we hope to make a difference to these children and adults.

Food Waste Management Policy

In February 2017, Citywest Hotel in conjunction with Keywaste partnered with Food Surplus Management and introduced a “clean bin every time” system for all food waste generated at the hotel.

The system provides 240L red bins for all food (catering) waste generated by the hotels kitchens and restaurants. Food prep waste is placed into the bins and at each collection the bins are exchanged for a clean one. The exchange of the bin every time (twice weekly), increase hygiene levels and encourages greater diversion of food waste from general waste as chefs and kitchen porters are not “put off” by the accumulation of food waste and odours that can arise using the traditional brown bin emptied on site.

Also, the hotel is not obliged to use bin liners.
For areas such as bars where sandwiches and coffees are served 5litre caddy bins are used to collect coffee grinds, teabags and uneaten food and these small bins can then be tipped into larger ones.
All the food waste collected is sent to an aerobic digestion facility whereby in a large-scale process similar to a human digestive system energy is recovered and utilised to produce renewable electricity and the by-products recycled in accordance with the waste hierarchy. The end output is a quality approved digestate which is used the horticultural industry as a fertiliser.

In the 6 months to end July 2017, 122 tonnes of catering waste from the hotel was diverted from landfill resulting in the following outputs:

• Renewable energy produced - 49.92Mwh
• CO2 emissions savings by diverting from landfill - 65.28 tonnes
• Fertiliser digestate produced - 24.2 tonnes