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Local Area - Things to do in South Dublin

Even though Citywest Hotel is within easy reach of Dublin city centre, it’s surrounded by beautiful farmland, parkland and woodland. There are many parks and villages to explore in the area, the closest being the quaint neighbouring village of Saggart. Although Saggart dates from the 7th century, standing stones and other megalithic remains suggest the area was occupied well before the Christian period. For anyone with a love of the outdoors, there are a many mountain tracks to be discovered, some of them very close to the hotel itself.

Saggart lies at the northern end of a mountain valley, the Slade of Saggart, with Brittas at the other side. The River Camac flows through this valley, passing around the village on the way to meet the River Liffey by Heuston Station. Saggart is a heritage village it is also home to us here at Citywest Hotel. Choose Saggart, choose Citywest Hotel for your next stay in Dublin.