Citywest Leisure Club - One of the Best Gyms in Dublin

Lavish equipped and newly extended, the Leisure Centre also boasts a team of personal trainers who will really get to know you and understand your fitness goals and priorities. To maximise the effectiveness of your training, why not book a one-to-one-session and benefit from personalised fitness and nutrition plan?

National Quality Standard Awards

Citywest Leisure Club is proud to have won The National Quality Standards Award for 2019’ - the highest National Standard - every year since 2006

Covering key areas including Safety, Hygiene, Customer Engagement and Staff, the National Standard is the national Leisure Centre & Hotel Leisure award set by Ireland Active.

As well as being one of only 38 hotels to win this Award, Citywest Hotel Leisure Club was also awarded the ‘Outstanding Award the Year’ for 2018.


Customer Information

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